Matthew Derby

Matthew Derby is the author of Super Flat Times. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • October 2005: Interview with Bob Mould
    The legendary Hüsker Dü frontman on confessional songwriting and professional wrestling consulting.
  • June/July 2005: Notes on the 2005 Believer CD
  • May 2005: Interview with Yo La Tengo
    Rock geniuses decipher the sound of Don DeLillo and explore the ethics of paying a roomful of children to say the word “motherfucker.”
  • May 2005: Review of Harry Mathews’s My Life in CIA
    October 2004: Interview with Michael Bell
    Goths at the mall and Dracula aren’t vampires. Vampires are just rotting corpses who kill their kin while still lying inside their coffins.
  • August 2004: Interview with Robert Pollard
    The longtime indie legend on rock’s need for evil, mistakes, and stunted emotional maturity.
    June 2004: Levitation Methods
    Notes on the Believer compilation CD, along with a perforated, annotated track listing.
    October 2003: Interview with Stephen Malkmus
    Former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus on Bob Packwood’s insatiability, Radiohead’s solar power, and stupid last names.
    September 2003: Mammal: The Unicorn
    March 2003: Well-Dressed Men Sing Songs for Oblivion
    The spiraling hermeneutic vortex of nostalgic legwarmers: Interpol encourages us to stab ourselves in the neck.
    Online Exclusives: SXSW OnDemand
    Matthew Derby endeavors to create, attend, and enjoy his own personal customized five-day South by Southwest music conference (no matter many blank stares and skeptical retorts he has to endure while explaining it to associates and loved ones).
    Online Exclusives: Not Enough Protection from the Song
    It cannot have escaped your notice that something about the Arcade Fire has ignited, exploded, and cauterized the minds and souls of indie music listeners during the past year. Matthew Derby attends two of the bands’ shows and returns with reflections on what exactly this group of startled young North American citizens is doing to everyone.
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