In fourteen years, The Believer magazine redefined the American essay, helped launch the careers of some of the brightest and most relevant voices of our time, and had quite bit of fun all the while.

Now we’re glad to announce a re-launch of the magazine, with a new publishing home and a mission to re-occupy the sacred ground of literary non-fiction in an era where facts and artistry are under assault.

The Believer stands for artful engagement with our shared reality—and the literature and culture that make reality more than bearable—through essays, reviews, interviews, art, and humor. Not long ago, the magazine befriended the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute at UNLV and discovered an institutional soul-mate. A ten-year-old literary center, BMI stands for bringing literary writers into the heart of public life, and has featured intimate live experiences with writers ranging from Derek Walcott and Toni Morrison to Maggie Nelson and George Saunders.

To celebrate, the Believer’s founders and many of its longtime staff members and contributors are gathering for a festival in Las Vegas, April 21-22. You can learn all about that here.

The magazine itself will resume publication August 1 and maintain a regular bi-monthly schedule. Subscribers, contributors, and all others with questions should check this resource page for contacts.

Also: The Believer is hiring.



Joshua Wolf Shenk